When it comes to restoring wood floors, Williamsport Wood Floors are the experts that you need to hire.

The Williamsport Wood Floors Restoration Process

1. Sanding

The restoration process begins with a full sanding of your existing wood floors. It's incredibly important to remove any past stains or finishes from the wood before any restoration begins.

2. Repairs

The next step involves any repairs to the floor that need to be done. This can include replacing boards, changing hardware, etc.

3. Finishing

Once the floor is ready for restoration, Williamsport Wood Floors will use the highest grade, Bona finishing chemicals. Bona has developed numerous low and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) over the last ten years. Williamsport Wood Floors will combine this low/zero VOC technology to create a beautiful, low maintenance, harmless floor for your family or your customers.

Wood Floor restoration process at Bullfrog Brewery


An example of Williamsport Wood Floors' dedication to completing the job in the allotted time is the recent restoration of the floors at The Bullfrog Brewery (see pictures below) didn't want to close a single day for their restoration, so after the end of their Sunday Brunch (4:00 PM), the Williamsport Wood Floors team came in and worked overnight (until 8:00 AM) to ensure that the Bullfrog did not have any down time due to the floor restoration.

Restoration Options

Williamsport Wood Floors has a lot of different avenues that they can take for the restoration of your flooring. Here are some unique finishing techniques that we have used with our customers in the past. Have something custom in mind? Our experts can take your custom dreams and make them a reality.

Unnatural Color Finish

Most people think that they have to make their wood floors have the color of natural wood. That simply isn't the case. With the green finishes manufactured by Bona, Williamsport Wood Floors can make your wood pop with colors that aren't naturally in your floor.

Texture Finish

One of the most exciting methods of refinishing your floor, texture finishing surprises everyone that sees it. Using a proprietary method, Williamsport Wood Floors will remove approximately half of the existing grain on your floors. Williamsport Wood Floors then fill in the grooves with a colored filler. This is followed by a full stain on the floor. The result is a beautiful, two-color finish that is sure to turn heads.

Concerned that your floor is beyond restoration?

Do you have wood floors that you think are beyond repair? Unless you've resanded the floor multiple times before, Williamsport Wood Floors can take those old, rough looking floors and make them look better than new! Schedule an estimate with Williamsport Wood Floors for a full evaluation.

Commercial Floor Restoration

The main concern for any business when considering a floor restoration is timeliness. No one wants their business to be closed while their floors are being restored. Williamsport Wood Floors guarantees that they will get the job done in the time that you give us. Williamsport Wood Floors has the knowledge and skill to use fast curing Commercial Grade polyurethane finishes that dry in 8 hours instead of the standard 48 hours.

Residential Floor Restoration

Williamsport Wood Floors knows that when restoring the floors of your residence, safety, cleanliness and ease of maintenance are your main concerns. The Williamsport Wood Floors team use only the highest grade green finishes from Bona. These finishes guarantee that your floor will be safe for you and your family for years to come. When it comes to cleanliness, the Williamsport Wood Floors team ensure that when they leave the job site, it will be as clean as when they arrived. Maintenance is also a breeze with only weekly dust mopping being necessary.